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Early Pregnancy Tests and Ovulation Kit -
Buy Professional Pregnancy Test Kits at Cheap Wholesale Price!

Buy early pregnancy tests and ovulation kit at cheap wholesale prices - home pregnancy test kits with professional quality results.

Our early pregnancy tests are as sensitive and accurate as store bought brand name tests, and allow you to create your own personalized ovulation kit or fertility kit at a cheap affordable price!

Test Features:

  • Over 99% accurate. Early pregnancy tests detect 20mIU hCG, ovulation tests monitor for LH surge with a sensitivity of 25 mIU.

  • Great for women trying to become pregnant

  • Widely used in hospitals, clinics, doctor offices, teen pregnancy, home use, and family planning centers.

  • Cheap shipping rates around the world.

Pregnancy Test Strip Pregnancy Test Strip
Ovulation Kit Strip
Best Value!
Pregnancy Test Cassette Pregnancy Test Kit Cassette
Ovulation Tests Cassete
Easier to use
Pregnancy Test Midstream Pregnancy Test Kits Midstream
Ovulation Test Midstream
Easiest to Use

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AccuratePregnancyTests.com offers cheap pregnancy tests and ovulation kits, manufacturer direct. Besides providing affordable and accurate home kits of professional quality, APT also provides free pregnancy test tools such as pregnancy calculator, ovulation calculator, and online pregnancy information links (for pregnancy symptoms and signs of ovulation), plus excellent service and support.

Besides our early pregnancy test kits and ovulation test kits, in the near future we will be introducing other fertility monitor products such as basal thermometer, saliva ovulation monitor, male fertility test, and other useful trying to conceive products for planned pregnancy.

We believe our early pregnancy tests and ovulation kit are among the best value out there for both high quality and cheap price. We are a customer driven company and encourage your suggestions and feedback in order to provide long lasting solutions to a worldwide audience. Please take a look at our customer testimonials for a few of our many success stories. We welcome comments and suggestions, enjoy shopping with Accurate Pregnancy Tests!

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